Welcome to Fuths Penthouses

Vacation homes

Fuths Penthouse 55 and Fuths Loft Penthouse 85 are therefore popular places in the center of the city. <br> Both are within walking distance of Meir, De Keyserlei and Central Station. Once you have arrived, you no longer need your car.

Guests are enthousistic about the rare and spectacular view of Antwerp.

Fuths Penthouse 55

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two person limit.

big terrace with furniture

kitchen, stove and oven.

a coffee-maker and waterboiler

a citrus juicer

a toaster

strong, free WiFi


one bedroom

bathroom with bath

Fuths Loft Penthouse 85

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two person limit

big terrace with furniture

big kitchen and dishwasher

spacious livingroom


one bedroom

strong, free WiFi


The surroundings

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